The Orquestra Àrab de Barcelona is deeply committed to education, to the dissemination of cultural values and to speak up for those who cannot speak for themselves. Its members include Moroccan and Catalan musicians from diverse disciplines, including classical and traditional music from the Maghreb and the Middle East, such as raï, jazz, flamenco or electronic music.

The OAB has an admirable trajectory, associated with quality and musical sensitivity. It is a project that goes beyond music. It can be asserted that the OAB has become an icon of integration, civism, fusion and hybridity .

As a result, the Orquestra Àrab de Barcelona is much more than a musical group. The OAB has and advocates for a very strong value in each of its projects. One of its principles has always been to bring a message of peace, coexistence, cultural enrichment and tolerance to all parts of the world.

It is an Arab Orchestra but it is also based in Barcelona, which reflects the reality of musicians living and working here; they show us other ways of thinking and, at the same time, they learn and adapt to the reality around them. They are an example of both a successful coexistence and respect. These wonderful musicians offer an accurate work, a good quality product, full of Arab and Mediterranean flavors and vibrations.