Seminar on concepts of oriental (Arab) music

This is a seminar based on basic concepts of music, sound parameters and musical elements such as melody, harmony, metrics, accords, Taqsim, etc. It can take two to five hours and it is aimed at all those who are interested in starting their studies on oriental music, especially belly dancers.

Seminar on the rhythms of oriental (Arab) music

The first part of this seminar explains the basic elements of rhythm in music such as the compass, the metrics, the cadence, etc. The second part of the seminar aims at thoughtfully illustrates some of the most popular percussion instruments of Arabic music, including, but not limited to, the derbuka, the rek, the daf, the bendir, the sagat, etc. Finally, the course goes into deep detail of the different rhythms used in Arabic music like the baladi, the saudi, the malfuf, the zaffa, the fallahi or the samai. This seminar can take up to 20 hours and it is aimed at musicians, both professional and amateurs, and especially at belly dancers.

Seminar on migration and creativity

This seminar analyzes some key elements that help understand artists, especially musicians emerged from migration dynamics, with the aim of making their creation processes visible and highlighting the elements that put their works within the framework of Western societies. This is a two to four hour seminar and it is specially designed for those who are interested in the migrations phenomenon and in culture in general.